eSports live score, news and useful information on the reliable platform

eSports live score, news and useful information on the reliable platform


On December 1, 2021, an extremely interesting event took place in Dota 2. The eSports organization Team Unique hesitated for a very long time but agreed to sell a 5-person squad since they received a really good offer. You can watch it and other eSports live score on the reliable platform, hoping for better game performance. In 2021, Team Unique failed to achieve positive statistics of win rate and finished with 45/55% value. Despite this, other teams showed demand for gamers from the squad due to constant rumors about a breakup. As a result, everyone left the Team Unique organization on December 1. eSports news, a lot of useful information and live scores are available on the excellent statistical portal.

Dota 2 squad Team Unique was bought by Dmitry Ivanov. Rapper IAMMIND has been a fan of this game for a long time and has repeatedly admitted that he wants to own one of the teams. He decided on Team Unique and conducted negotiations for so long that many no longer believed that the deal would take place. Dmitry Ivanov announced the purchase on November 30, but the team was officially transferred to his possession on December 1. There are still certain aspects to settle with Team Unique, and they also have to come up with a new tag for the team to perform at forthcoming Dota 2 tournaments. The ream includes the following players:

  • Vladislav Kozlovsky;
  • Maxim Senchinevich;
  • Rostislav Lozovoy;
  • Semyon Krivulya;
  • Daniil Shekhovtsov.

Quite a good team but lacking a stable game and inconspicuous at major tournaments. Perhaps, after the acquisition the gamers will start playing better, which can be seen at future Dota2 championships. Well, be that as it may, transfers in the eSports discipline are quite common, but investors don’t buy the entire squad so often.

Achievements of ex-Unique Team, Dota 2 and SC GO live on the popular statistical resource
As for the achievements of the former Team Unique, over the past year gamers haven’t demonstrated anything outstanding. But there is a place to grow, so you can watch future Dota 2 and SC GO live tournaments on the reliable statistics portal. All the useful information has been collected in a convenient place, which is a significant advantage for all eSports fans.

In 2021, Team Unique squad, which was sold to IAMMIND rapper, took only two third places at EPIC League S3 and D2CL 2021 S2. At ESL One Summer 2021, the team became the fourth and they didn’t rise higher than fifth place at the other major tournaments. You can watch the squad of ex-Unique Team at Dota 2 championships in live, as well as CS GO on the reliable platform. The web resource provides a lot of useful information for eSports tournaments fans.